28 April 2008


We're only at home when we're on the fly

I know. I promised I'd write about Oklahoma. I should probably save this for when I'm actually awake, but awake is starting to look like a mythical state.

The show was phenomenal, and from where I was sitting (sitting? As if!), the sound was great. So great, I kept pulling out my earplugs (fortunately, they were my usual silicone, rather than the fluorescent pink and purple ones I was reduced to in San Juan, and that I shoved into my mouth during "Natural Science." I don't even want to think about what that looked like).

"I know all the words to a song about a car," I screamed in D.'s ear. "Serious failure as a girl."

"You get girl points?" she asked, confused.


She nodded sagely and we both dissolved into laughter. It's one of my favorite blog labels, and applies to my dislike of shopping, my love of digging in the dirt, and playing all the wrong video games. Not to mention listening to the wrong music.

Later, she grabbed my hand.


"Stop clapping!" she yelled.

"What?" I was mystified.

"You aren't supposed to be clapping!"

Other people appeared to be clapping. Why am I not supposed to be clapping? I never did figure that out.

"Digital Man" rapidly became one of my favorite live songs last summer, and "Ghost of a Chance" is quickly moving there this go round. D. seemed dubious when I told her it had been added.

"Just listen to the solo. The vocals," I told her, getting goosebumps just thinking about it. "All of it."

She's convinced now.

It goes by too quickly, though, and suddenly, "Dreamline." Another of my favorite songs live, but it means the end of the first half.

I can go on and on: the lines in songs that catch at my heart, the ones that make me laugh because they're so true. The moments of pure musical perfection, or the song that is pure musical perfection, drums, bass, guitar, lyrics: "Natural Science." The drum solo (now that. That must get "failure as a girl" points. Because surely I am meant to go to the Ladies during the drum solo, right?). "Hope," an exquisite embodiment of an emotion. "Malignant Narcissism," which is just hilarious shake-your-booty fun, and definitely gets a vote for one of the best bass lines ever.

"One Little Victory." Can't I just say they're all my favorites?

See, that's all there really is to it. I love the music. Listening to it live is a completely different experience. It is so much fun to watch three virtuoso musicians perform it. To have fun performing it. No mystery at all.


Go listen to some good music: "Dreamline" from the album Roll the Bones by Rush.

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