16 April 2008

Digital man

When I woke up in Kansas City last summer, I had a bass line running through my head. It took me 5 seconds to figure out it was from "Digital Man." It took me 5 minutes to figure out I was in Kansas City and that I needed to get myself to the airport pronto.

I just got my copy of Snakes & Arrows Live. I resisted the temptation to download it from iTunes yesterday just to have the pleasure of actually holding it in my hands.

Dear God.

I haven't gotten past "Digital Man" yet.

I could pretty much listen to that bass line all day.


And I love the extended jam.

Oh hell, I love the whole show.

[end unabashed fangirl gushing. Crank stereo louder. Scare cat.]

See 'em again next week!

Go listen to some good music: "Digital Man" from the album Snakes & Arrows Live by Rush.

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