15 April 2008


This has been a long day, and the rest of the week looms even busier. Next week much the same until it's time to go again. No change the following week and so on into May, into mid-June.

I'm not unhappy, simply tired. Some of this I bring upon myself, so it's not fair to complain, and frankly what I bring upon myself...well, that's the buttercream frosting of life. I wouldn't give it up for the world.

It's too much fun.

Today, though, I'm struggling to find the right words, to say the right things, to get through, to make those precious connections with the world around me.

But the words don't come easily when there is a child hanging at my elbow, a cat stealing chicken off a dinner plate, a neighbor who needs to be soothed.

This is why I've learned to take the time, to make the time, to go away, just for a little. It allows me to find a center of peace, a stillness, a moment that is mine. And I can close my eyes, shut out what is around me and focus on what is in front of me. I can listen to the words and the rhythm and the melody, and there, in that moment, is connection.

Go listen to some good music: "Challengers" from the album Challengers by The New P***nographers.

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