26 March 2008

Santa Anna's retreat/kitchen gal

What to do with that leftover Easter Ham:

1. Baked rice with pepper and ham (the children: "Whatever.")

2. Ham and noodle casserole ("No.")

3. Ham and spinach souffle ("What's a souffle? Oh. No.")

4. Parslied ham in aspic ("What's aspic? Ewwwwww.")

5. Ham baked in milk ("Yuck!")

6. Ham loaf ("Nuh-uh.")

7. Ham mousse Alexandria ("?????")

8. Ham with red-eye gravy ("Can we stop talking about this now?")

9. Ham casserole country style ("I can't hear you!")

Last night, I just fried slices and served it with rice and spinach.
Tonight, though, I'll resort to #10, a variation on the Linsen Suppe (Lentil Soup) recipe posted on the German Embassy's website:

Omit bacon, and cook vegetables in olive or canola oil as directed. Add one cup of diced ham to soup about 15 minutes before it finishes cooking. Return to simmer and continue cooking until ham is heated through and lentils are done.

Bon appetit!

Go listen to some good music: "Santa Anna's Retreat/Kitchen Gal" from the album The Sparrow Quartet by Abigail Washburn.

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