14 March 2008


Yesterday, the son announced that he has, indeed, been invited to the county science fair. The spouse and I sighed, and resigned ourselves to two more days lost sometime in the next month. I know we are supposed to be thrilled because it's not like he was invited to the county juvenile detention center or anything. I'm thinking novena to ensure that he doesn't make it to state? No, that would get me into all sorts of karmic trouble, and he'd end up at nationals. The horror.

In sorting out the calendar for April, the spouse said, "I know I have to do this the first weekend and you are gone here and here, so I'm going out to the field there." This means that April is basically full. And it was full before we knew about the next round of science fair.

And I am going to be gone there and there in April. I am thrilled! Unless science fair falls on one of the theres. Then I'm going to be guilty (but still gone).

The daughter started complaining of a sore throat last night, and got me up at 4am for more Tylenol. She insisted she was going to school this morning, and then was promptly sick when she sat down to breakfast. Think British English sick rather than American English sick. So, she's in bed at the moment, and there goes the list of errands I was running today. And she's just appeared and demanded to sit on my lap. The nerve!

("Mom!" she's shrieking, watching me type this in real time. "MOOOO-OOOOO-OOOOM!")

Right now, in a doctor's office, the spouse and the son are being dressed down because the surgeon gave the spouse a prescription for the son's PT 4 weeks ago, and somehow 4 weeks disappeared, and the son hasn't gotten to PT yet. I have no words for the enormous burden of guilt that instills in my heart. Well, actually I have two words: science fair.

Is it any wonder I've had a headache for the last four days?

And the email that just appeared in my inbox says: "oscillatory deus hygiene clay catastrophic."

I couldn't agree more.

Go listen to some good music: "Hydra" from the album Hydra by Toto.

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