29 March 2008

Hot lunch jam

I have never understood the LA Metro area's fascination with In-N-Out Burger. I've eaten there twice and both times, had the rankest hamburgers ever. One of them wasn't even cooked, and went in the garbage after one bite.

Generally speaking, I prefer to make my own burgers. At least I know where the meat came from and I know it didn't come from here.

But once in awhile, I really want a chili cheeseburger. Hello, Tommy's. In college and before we moved behind the Orange Curtain, the spouse and I would visit the Eagle Rock outpost, or sometimes venture down to the original Original shack on Rampart and Beverly. Fortunately, they've got a couple of restaurants down this way, and just opened the closest one yet. Tomorrow may be a chili cheeseburger day.

Go listen to some music: "Hot Lunch Jam" from the album Fame (Soundtrack from the Original Motion Picture).

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