21 March 2008

Flight of the bumble-bee

It's something I've only seen rarely.

This time I heard them first.

The birds were yelling and flapping and carrying on. Usually they don't react that violently to my walking down the street. Then I heard the low hum, growing louder, moving closer, becoming a ferocious buzz.

Bees were swarming over my head. A couple of hundred it appeared.

There is a hive in the trunk of an old tree down the street. We watch the bees buzz in and out. They are fairly docile, interested only in doing what bees do. They become a little more active when it's hot, occasionally smacking one of us in the head as we walk by, though it's lack of attention on someone's part, not aggression on anyone's.

The swarm buzzed wildly around in a circle for a moment as I watched, moving toward the ficus and pine trees in the backyard.

Time to start gardening.

Go listen to some music: "Flight of the Bumble Bee" from the album Itzhak Perlman's Greatest Hits by Itzhak Perlman.

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