28 March 2008

Book of days

I've been on a major kick rereading some of my favorite books and authors this year. Right now, I'm reading Shirley Jackson for the umpteenth time. Her best known work is, of course, the horrifying short story "The Lottery," but her range was significantly wider. Her ability to evoke so much with so few words was utterly phenomenal.

Among my favorites (in no order):


The Haunting of Hill House
We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Life Among the Savages (a memoir of Jackson's family life)

Short stories:

The Lottery (of course!)
The Tooth
The Daemon Lover
Like Mother Used to Make
Pillar of Salt
Come to the Fair
Lovers Meeting
Mrs. Melville Makes a Purchase
An Ordinary Day, with Peanuts
The Summer People
A Visit
The Rock
The Bus

(Hey, just be glad that I decided on this rather than black mats and the Clovis people. I've only got three more days of this, at which point I'll probably quit blogging forever.)

Go listen to some good music: "Book of Days" from the album Shepherd Moons by Enya.

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