24 March 2008

Blue Monday

What to do with a teen and 'tween during spring break:

"MOM! I'm bored!"

"Can I buy more Legos?"

1. Go shopping for clothes. *sob*

2. Go to the park because the daughter still wants to play Poohsticks. It's worth mentioning that the park does not have a river. It has a trickle of irrigation runoff with a tiny footbridge.

3. Cook something interesting. Preferably with chocolate.

4. Go to the movies. U2 3-D? (The Other Boleyn Girl is rated PG-13?????? I seem to remember the book being fairly graphic.)

5. Start the son's physical therapy. *sigh*

6. Make the son re-do the board for the science fair. (Prepare for war.)

7. Pack. (Run away!)

Go listen to some good music: "Blue Monday" by New Order from the album The Wedding Singer .

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