03 February 2008

Sheer heart attack

The word this week is that the Super Bowl could be a hazard to your health.

I know this for a fact now. The power in our neighborhood went out at noon, an effect of the blustery winter storm passing through, and I heard about 45 male hearts stop beating.

Not on Super Bowl Sunday!

They gathered in worried little knots on the rainy street, while preparatory activity at the party house continued.

"Don't worry," I told the spouse, who actually found the whole thing rather amusing, "you can always listen to it on the wind-up radio."

Of course, I've discovered that the state of Tom Brady's hair seems to be the best indicator of how a Pat's game is going, and without that knowledge, I wouldn't be placing any bets.

Not that I ever do.

But bless the good people at So Cal Edison. Power restored at 1:30 pm. The game will go on.

And I can go back to doing the laundry.

Go listen to some good music: "Sheer Heart Attack" from the album Night at the Opera by Queen.


And Eli Manning has very, very bad hair. Thirty-nine seconds to go.

Come on, New York!

The spouse: "I've never heard you raise your voice to the TV during football season."

Me: "Tom Brady. PUH!"

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