12 February 2008

Refrigerator song

Can you find the carton of strawberry yogurt?

Anecdotal evidence aside, the girls really are beating the boys on this one. Sorry, guys. The son set out to prove that men could find stuff in the fridge just as fast, but you can't. Most women assured me there was no need for a scientific experiment on this. One of our female neighbors found the carton in 1.1 seconds (!) and a male neighbor suggested that if perhaps he'd been allowed to hunt the carton in the backyard with a bow and arrow, he might have found it faster.

Who knew?

I never thought I'd have actual nightmares over a kid's science project, but they've ranged from the kids in the son's class eating all the window dressing in the refrigerator (no, my fridge doesn't normally look like that. This was set up in the name of science) to me chasing off people I didn't want in my house while the son was wailing in the background that he needed more subjects.

Clearly, I am ready for this to be over.

Go listen to some music: "Refrigerator Song" from the album Night of the Corn People by The Bags.

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