29 February 2008

I've got a little list

First order of business:


People of Seattle and Washington state in general: I don't even know what Mooberry Yogurt is. But I will tell you honestly and wholeheartedly: there isn't any here. Update 3/1/08: Thanks to our anonymous commenter, we now know that Mooberry Yogurt is in Ballard. That's about 1000 miles from here, so I probably won't visiting any time soon.

And I don't know where you can buy Branston Pickle in Tulsa. Sorry!

(I do love the interesting searches that bring people here. My all time favorite must be "guerrilla pie-making," not that I've even figured out what that means. Do you just sort of throw things in a pie plate and hope for the best?)

NaBloPoMo has gone monthly starting in March (that would be tomorrow, for those of you who, like me, are frequently confused about the date, month, and occasionally, year), with a theme each month. For reasons I can't explain (make it easy on yourself. Just think "she was possessed." It's my fallback position for most things.), I signed up for it, and will be posting a list every day. Maybe other things, too. But definitely a list. Probably. I know that you can't wait to read about what I buy at the grocery store, the rainbow in my underwear drawer, the brands and colors of my eyeshadow, the names of the weeds growing in my vegetable garden, why I abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent although I haven't been a practicing Catholic in...oh...a bazillion years (come to think of it, that won't be a list because even I can't explain it).

Okay, so far, I've completely overused both colons and parentheses. What's that about? Lack of sleep, probably.

Today was refrigerator data crunching day. The son has been demonstrating a high level of hysteria--a 14-year-old boy in hysterics is just not a pretty sight--so it's not been a fun day. Let me just tell you that there is absolutely no correlation between people's self-perceived abilities to find things and their actual ability to find things. In case you were wondering (and I know you're not. You're looking for Mooberry Yogurt).

On this final day of February, a leap day at that, I will leave you with this thought: the readers have spoken, and by dint of access, you have voted this your favorite post of the last 30 days. I have no idea why. Was it me happily pointing out to the poor sheriff that he was as clueless about the street sweeping schedule as I was? Was it the not-terribly-random list of cities? I have lots of sheriff and police stories. LOTS. And if it's cities you want, how about...Nuuk, Amsterdam, Oslo, Edinburgh, Reykjavik? Not that I'm offering any more explanation than I did with the first set.

To be fair, this post has been running a close second. That one at least makes a little sense to me.

Now I have to go think of lists...

Why I don't want to go to my father-in-law's birthday party on Sunday...just the name's of the spouse's brother's family is enough for that. They put me in such an evil frame of mind because they are such nasty people. Which is why I avoid them. Like the plague.

Plagues...Biblical and otherwise...

Go listen to some good music: "I've Got a Little List" from the album The Mikado (Original Cast - English National Opera) by Gilbert & Sullivan.

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Anonymous said...

Mooberry Yougurt just opened in Ballard... they are delicious. Great service