21 February 2008

Carve away the stone

It was inevitable (one of my favorite words these days, it seems) that with stuff and stuff and more stuff to do that I would forget some stuff. And I did.

So tonight, I get to design the son's yearbook tribute. "oh son, we are so proud of you, despite the fact that you are a total goofball...we are so happy you are graduating despite the fact that you've barely even started school..."


Ok, I need to stifle myself here before I launch into a tirade that is less me causing trouble, and more me getting myself into trouble.


It occurred to me that concert season is starting early this year. As in seven weeks from now. And I'm really looking forward to it. REALLY looking forward it.

And it's raining. All weekend, apparently. So I won't have to mow the lawn.

That's ok, too.

Go listen to some good music: "Carve Away the Stone" from the album Test for Echo by Rush.

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