04 January 2008

Waiting for the flood

Everything in California goes better with drama.

Rain. No, the Storm of the Century. We're on STORMWATCH! This is at least the third "storm of the century" since September. The first one never materialized, the second dropped a couple of inches of rain, but this...THIS! It will be LIFE OR DEATH if you dare to venture into the Sierras. This one will tell the tale of the fire/flood cycle in California. We are supposed to get five inches of rain down here in the southern foothills, where mud flows will flow like...well, mud.

Like it does every time there's been a fire.

Not that we've seen a drop of water yet.

But it's going to be the biggest storm since...JANUARY 2005!

(Okay, it's raining now. And can I please just point out that I'm making fun of the media here? The guys who will stand next to a dripping rainspout in order to get a shot of running water for STORMWATCH?)

Go listen to some good music: "Waiting for the Flood" from the album Earth Sun Moon by Love and Rockets.

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