18 January 2008

Let's go!

The phone rings.

Male voice: "A.? This is J. down the street."

Me, cheerily: "Hi, J-down-the-street!"

J. is one of the Soaring Rodents, the guys' softball team.

J.: "Look, T. just called me. The sheriff is at the end of the street writing tickets for street sweeping."

Me: "Uh-oh."

J.: "Yeah, I saw P.'s car parked out there."

Me: "'Kay, thanks, bye!"

Grab the spouse's car keys and run out the door. Sheriff's car pulls up.

Sheriff: "Ma'am, you are aware that today is streetsweeping?"

Me: "Well, I know it's Friday, and I know they do it two Fridays a month..."

Sheriff: "The second and fourth Friday, ma'am."

Me: "Well, they also changed it at some point. I think it used to be the first and third Friday."

Sheriff looks momentarily non-plussed. "Uh, yes, it IS the first and third Friday."

Me, laughing: "See! You don't know when it is either!"

Sheriff: "I just really want this month to be over."

Me, trying to wipe the grin off my face: "Anyway, I'm sorry. My husband just pulled in to have lunch."

Sheriff: "Okay, ma'am. Please pull your vehicle off the street."

Me: "Will do. Thank you, sir!"

Move car, run back in house, go to pantry, retrieve bottle of wine.

The spouse: "Take him the beer mug with the bell, too."

Go down to J.'s house.

J.: "Geez! You guys didn't have to do that."

Me: "Dude. You just saved us a parking ticket. Thanks!"

As the spouse says, it pays to be in good with your neighbors.

And now that business is done, I need to get out the map, get out the calendar and get out the frequent flyer mile statements and do some serious travel planning for the months of April, May and June.

Albuquerque? Phoenix? Austin? Kansas? Chicago?

It is a good day.

Go listen to some good music: "Let's Go" from the album Candy-O by The Cars.

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