05 December 2007

Holiday on the moon

It's December, but it's California, so it was about 60F out when I decided to grill skirt steak for dinner. We do odd things here, like grill dinner in December, while it's snowing elsewhere. And we wear sweatshirts with shorts and sandals while we're doing it. Actually, I hate to admit I'm wearing those blasted Birkenstocks right now, although with jeans and a long-sleeved tee because it's the time of year when I can't decide if I'm warm or freezing. Mostly, I'm freezing but the part of my brain that knows I have a cache of warm clothes somewhere hasn't kicked in yet.

It's dark at 5 pm, and the back patio where the enormous bbq sits is dark as pitch. Grilling by a camping lantern has a certain romance, but can create uncertain cooking results. Fortunately, I've camped often enough that I cook pretty well in the dark.

The skirt steak was delicious. No matter how much I buy, my family hoovers it all up in one go.

So much for leftovers.

Go listen to some good music: "Holiday on the Moon" from the album Express by Love and Rockets.

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