30 November 2007

These boots are made for walkin'

So this is it. Last day of NaNoWriMo (who?) and NaBloPoMo. At least I finished the latter!

I can say that I am glad that I forced myself to post every day. It pushed me to work a little harder and show a little creativity, and I tried not to phone in any posts (not saying I didn't).

I learned something very important this month and I learned it at fussy.org, where Mrs. Kennedy, NaBloPoMo founder, was posting pictures of shoes. I've yet to write about my own personal shoe fetish (alive and well it is, foot injury, or no), but she put my mind to rest on one very important point.

My Birkenstocks were fashionable in Paris in the summer of 2005. This is a tremendous relief.

When I was in Las Vegas over the summer, it turned out I was going to be meeting a couple of people I hadn't planned on meeting. Which means I was sartorially unprepared for actually meeting anyone but my friends, who've never given any indication they care about how I'm dressed. I had packed for Vegas, for being on my (injured) foot alot in a very hot and smoky place. Since the dread foot injury, I have been able to wear three pairs of shoes: my lovely walking shoes which carefully cradle $450 worth of orthotics,

a pair of low-heeled ankle boots that were recommended to me when it became clear I was not going to submit to surgery prior to summer and I was going to a multitude of rock concerts,

and the Birkenstocks I bought in desperation when I was told not to wear sandals...EVER.

The Birkenstocks are just comfortable enough that I can actually walk in them and the style--Gizeh--is close enough to attractive that I don't feel like I'm wearing Birkenstocks. Too much.

So what had I packed for Las Vegas? The Birkenstocks. I couldn't see lugging the ankle boots, even for the concert we were going to, and I sure as heck wasn't wearing the walking shoes. So, what was I going to be wearing for this meeting? The damned Birkenstocks. Along with, of course, my trademark too big jeans. For once, I'd actually packed a shirt that did fit, which was too bad because it spoiled the overall effect of Birkenstocks and over large jeans.

And now I know that in addition to a shirt that fit, I was wearing hot-in-'05 Birks. Which sort of does spoil the effect of the over large jeans. But there you go.

Clearly, I have written enough for one month; thank you to those of you who went the distance with me and read what I wrote this month. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Farewell, November.

See you in January.


Go listen to some good music: "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" from the album Boots by Nancy Sinatra.

And given it's my last day to help blow up the Internet:

Not that I can actually wear them at this point.

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