06 November 2007

Take me out

I have a headache.

I've had a headache for six days.

It's making writing somewhat impossible, but I want to point out I haven't missed a post yet.

At moments like this, the mad plan that a team of doctors proposed to take my head apart and put it back together again in a somewhat different configuration seems slightly less mad. At least, it doesn't sound any more mad than putting my head down on the nearest train track, which actually sounds like relief. The doctors couldn't tell me if the surgery would relieve the headaches, although that was the putative reason for doing it.

I don't regret saying no to two years of surgery.

I probably would regret putting my head on the train track.

And now I must make meatloaf. I promised the spouse I would.

Go listen to some good music: "Take Me Out" from the album Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand.

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