19 November 2007

New toy

For my birthday, which was months ago, the spouse got me a gadget. I have a deep dislike of gadgets in general--they are usually expensive, they always take up room, and they are often equipped with a learning curve--but the spouse frequently finds me things that are both useful and amusing. The birthday gadget is a turntable that allows one to download music from LPs directly onto one's computer with the aid of a USB cord and some slightly iffy software. We still have somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 record albums, and a lot of mine are sufficiently obscure that they aren't available on CD, much less iTunes.

The gadget sat on the coffee table, unopened, until last weekend when the spouse got completely fed up with me circling the thing like it was an unexploded bomb, and he attached it to my computer.

Within 5 minutes, I was downloading The Lucy Show's ...undone album. With a little software magic, I'd eliminated a lot of the white noise associated with a 22-year-old vinyl disc that had seen a tremendous amount of use, and voila! I was listening to one of my favorite albums on my computer and it sounded better than I expected.

Pretty cool.

It didn't take me long to find 15 (fifteen!) albums that need to be transferred. I'm sure my neighbors will be much happier listening to Jean Pierre Rampal's Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano this weekend than they were last week listening to Oingo Boingo's "Insanity."

But then, they know I often listen to things that will make your ears bleed. It's the only defense against what some of them are listening to.

Go listen to some good music: "New Toy" from the album Lucky Number: the Best of Lene Lovich by Lene Lovich.

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