28 November 2007

Better on the hard side

Five years ago, at carloading:

Mrs. M., the daughter's kindergarten teacher: "Um, Mrs. S., today I found L. standing on the turning bars at recess."

Me: "Oh dear."

Mrs. M.: "She was standing on the one that's six feet off the ground."

Me: "WHAT?"

Mrs. M: "She was very well balanced. And grinning from ear to ear."

Me: "Oh my God."

On the walk home from school today:

The daughter, who went on a field trip today: "I rode the high wire bike."

Me, having no idea what she was talking about: "Cool. Was it fun?"

The daughter: "Yeah!"

A little later:

The daughter: "I really liked riding the high wire bike!"

Me, now a bit suspicious: "How high was this thing off the ground?"

The daughter: "There was a net."

Me: "That doesn't answer the question."

The daughter: "Three stories."

Me: "WHAT?"

The daughter: "But there was a net."

Me: "You were three stories off the ground?"

The daughter: "There was a net!"

Me: "Oh, thank God I didn't chaperone this trip."

Go listen to some good music: "Better on the Hard Side" from the album ...undone by The Lucy Show.

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