14 November 2007

Bad mood Mom

There are people in the world you are meant to meet.

D. and I were intended to meet.

It's not just that we both happened to attend a concert five years ago in a place where neither of us lived, watching a band that girls aren't supposed to like. Because we didn't meet that night and only discovered that coincidence much later.

We met on a rainy afternoon on a muddy road outside of Denver.

It's not just that we are twin daughters of different parents, alike in sympathies, different in experience.

We tell stories and make new ones.

Call it fate. Call it kismet. Call it what it really is: one hell of a lot of fun.

Call it two women tearing a swath through the United States and Canada.

We're only at home when we're on the fly...

Happy Birthday, D.!

Go listen to some good music: "Bad Mood Mom" from the album Bad Mood Mom and Other Good Mood Songs by Jamie Broza.

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