27 October 2007


The daughter, as she popped onto my bed this morning: "I had the funniest dream last night and it wasn't even a nightmare. There were these kids and they turned into animals, well, except one was a hamburger, and they were shooting the bad guys which were these women in business suits with high-heeled shoes for heads, and the guys in business suits had cootie-catchers for heads and they were driving around in pink sports cars..."

Me: "It sounds like you might be writing the script for the second Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie."

The daughter and the spouse: "Huh?"

Interstitial moment:

The son: "E. doesn't believe that you took me to a rock concert. She doesn't believe you go to rock concerts!"

Me: "Oh. Do you need me to tell her that I went to eight this summer?"

The son: "Puh. You know what E. is like; she probably wouldn't believe you."

The son and daughter spend the next five minutes reciting one of their favorite Monty Python sketches.

Me: "Does it occur to you that your friends think I'm the scariest, strictest parent in the school, and here I take you to rock concerts and allow you to watch wholly inappropriate TV shows?"

The son: "Cool!"

Go listen to some good music: "Ironic" from the album Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette.

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