05 September 2007

Desperate but not serious

I am stuck. In fact, I've been flailing when it comes to writing for the last couple of weeks. My brain is enormously preoccupied with other doings, not things that are suitable for blog content, and I just stare glumly at my blank computer screen while my brain dances off to think about other more interesting things.

It doesn't help that my life is largely settling back into a murderously dull routine. I don't feel like being funny about school lunches, mostly because there isn't anything funny about school lunches, and next to grocery shopping and matching socks, it's one of the chores I loathe the most.

Groceries? My grocery store moved to another town. I am not kidding about this and I am bereft. And angry. And none of the other eight billion groceries in the general area has what I usually buy.

Matching socks? We aren't going there.

I am almost ready to take the old boss back.

Ok, well, I'm not that desperate yet.


Go listen to some good music: "Desperate but Not Serious" from the album Antics in the Forbidden Zone by Adam Ant.