01 September 2007

Begin the begin

I feel the need to tag the beginning of a month. There's always something fresh and free about the first of anything, even if it's September, which somehow sounds burnt and used up, even on the first day.

The weather here, however, is under the misguided perception that it is still August...a soupy 98 degrees today.

Monday will herald the official end of white shoes for this year. Odd, really, the rituals with which we are raised. Who declared No White Shoes After Labor Day!?

Truthfully, though, the reason I always tend to notice the first of September? Nothing to do with a three-day weekend, nothing to do with white shoes, nothing to do with what used to be the harbinger of the beginning of school before Those Who Know Better started mucking around with schedules.

It goes back to a concert I was at, held about a million years ago at Radio City Music Hall, on August 31. Michael Stipe of REM looked out over the audience and said, "It's a new month tomorrow. Aren't you happy?"

A non-sequitur of non-sequiturs in the middle of a rock concert, but yeah, Michael, I guess I am.

Go listen to some good music: "Begin the Begin" from the album Life's Rich Pageant by REM.