07 August 2007

When the music's over

I watched Hank Aaron make his record-setting 715th homer.

I remember how happy I was for him, feeling that it was a great day for baseball and a great day for the fans.

Mr. Aaron always struck me as a humble and unassuming man. A man whose smile was shy but genuine. However, if nothing else, he treated the game with respect, and worked hard for the records he set. He was someone we kids could look up to as a hero. He was someone we could admire.

I always believed him to be a gentleman.

I'm not so naive as to believe that Mr. Aaron's records will stand forever. However, I could hope that his successor would be worthy of the honor.

Whether or not Barry Bonds deserves the record he set tonight is between him and God. It carries no weight in my mind, and I am only relieved that I don't have to hear about it anymore. With his surly attitude and tarnished reputation, I will never see his "achievement" as anything more than trifling.

It is one thing to have talent; what really matters is what you do with it, and how you present your gift to the world.

My baseball-loving heart belongs to Hank Aaron.

Turn out the light.

Go listen to some music: "When the Music's Over" from the album Strange Days by The Doors.