09 August 2007

Strike up the band

Sometimes, you see a concert, and it's like watching a pitcher pitch a perfect game. Yeah, there may have been some errors, some bad plays, but everybody had a good time and it was a perfect game! It doesn't happen all that often, and it seems to have a lot to do with the phase of the moon and the park they're playing in, and the fans, and probably what brand of hot dog is being sold at the concession stand. (Rat, if it's Angels Stadium). And of course, who's pitching.

This show was a perfect game. Yeah, so the marimba died in the middle of a song, and something got triggered at the wrong time. Who cares? These guys don't throw wild pitches and train wrecks are pretty rare. It's Red Rocks, probably the most spectacular venue in the world, and the breeze blew and rocks glowed, and everybody screamed the lyrics to the last song of the first set, the words bounced back and forth off the rocks, and the lasers lit up the sky. Strangers beamed at each other and sang together and danced.


Go listen to some good music: "Strike Up the Band" from the album Gershwin: Greatest Hits by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops.