14 August 2007

Rock anthem for saving the world

Last night I twisted and flopped in the throes of nightmare and coughing.

My family said I kept them up all night. They should have told me.

Because I wasn't sleeping.

I was buying tickets. All night long. To a show in Chicago.

It was the sort of inescapable nightmare one gets into sometimes when one is ill. I haven't actually run a fever in several days, and I think it might have been fallout from daring to take a dose of Dayquil.

I never take medication if I can avoid it. The after effects are almost always much worse than what it's supposed to be treating.

Though I love Motrin. Lately, it's been my lifeline and has kept me, literally, on my feet.

Today, though, I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

On a completely different note, who knew that an Xbox game could have such great music?

Hello? Was there a segue in there somewhere? How did we get from nightmares to Xbox games? Well, because last night's nightmares were reminiscent of the nightmares I had of running through alien corridors after a marathon session of cooperative play on the Xbox with the spouse.


So, who knew that an Xbox game could have such great music? Especially an FPS. There is only one FPS I will play, and that's Halo. The son thinks this is about the greatest thing on Earth:

His. Mom. Plays. Halo.


Completely freaks his friends out.

I didn't like Halo 2 much; the graphics were lacking, and I didn't like how gameplay changed from the Chief to the Arbiter. I won't play online--the massively multiplayer online experience is just not for me (I was a beta tester for one though). I am rather anxious to see how Halo 3 will play out. Even it does mean buying an Xbox 360.

Rereading all that (beta tester! Halo!), it becomes painfully obvious that I am a complete failure as a girl.

Maybe I'll go play with some makeup now.

While I'm wearing my "I can kick your ass at Halo 2" t-shirt.

And then I'll buy some tickets to see Rush in Chicago.

Go listen to some good music: "Rock Anthem for Saving the World" from the album Halo: The Soundtrack by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.