21 August 2007

I go to extremes

The spouse has standing orders to wake me before he leaves in the morning...whatever time he leaves, which is sometimes hella early. I haven't slept much the last couple of weeks because I've been ill, and last week, I woke at 9:30, with a little cup of coffee next to me and the undeniable revelation that he didn't wake me up before he left!

"But you were so sound asleep," he told me when I called him at the office to protest, "I couldn't."


This morning, however, he happily woke me out of a sound sleep before he left for the field. And it was early.

I don't mind, though, really.

And once he woke me up, I was awake. Irrevocably.

I have piles of paper and old clothes everywhere. STUFF that needs to be done.

And it was all calling--nay, screaming--my name.

And I'm leaving for Kansas tomorrow.

(Don't even ask why someone who hates to get into an airplane would conceive of the brilliant idea to fly to Kansas in the middle of thunderstorm and tornado season. Those who know me best know exactly why, and anyone who doesn't know me just wouldn't get it.)

So, stuff. I've been cleaning out my closet for the last hour or so. The recurring theme is "What possessed me...?"

What possessed me to buy a lace top from Old Navy that would require a camisole I don't own in order to be worn decently?

What possessed me NOT to return that hideous pair of jeans to Lands End?

What possessed...Spandex?

"Possessed" is, of course, the operative word here. I am a Gemini, which means that I am frequently possessed.

By what, of course, only God knows.

Though the ghost of Spandex past is a contender, apparently.

Possession attends my packing. I have a pink leather bag that I use for these summer jaunts, and it handily holds most of what I need for an overnight. Or it would if I didn't feel the need to carry a week's worth of shoes and clothing with me, not to mention a year's supply of makeup for every possible occasion.


The spouse, God bless him, knows I'm periodically possessed, and occassionally obsessed. While I can't say he exactly embraces it, he still loves me, which counts for alot.

And he brings me coffee in the morning, which is love louder than words.

Go listen to some good music: "I Go to Extremes" from the album Greatest Hits Volume III by Billy Joel.