17 July 2007

Who are you?

Lately I've noticed that there's been a lot of clicking on that nifty little link "My Complete Profile." But if you've taken the plunge and clicked, you'll have seen that my complete profile is anything but.

It's human nature to be curious, at least if you have an ounce of intelligence. Who is this person I'm preparing to share some time with? Is this some nutjob and do I want to indulge in her thoughts?

If I'm even remotely interested in what someone has written, I click on that link on others' blogs, too.

So, why did I leave it all out on mine? It just didn't seem important. I also don't like talking about the nuts and bolts comprising who I am.

I like storytelling, obviously, since that's all I've pretty much done here. All the stories are true, with names changed to protect the guilty, except for those that are clearly marked fiction. The only name I haven't changed is Milton's, the cat who eats edamame and canteloupe, because Milton is who he is and there's no changing that.

But do I want to quantify myself to the world in 100 words or sentences or less? No, because that might tell you who I think I am, but you have to read the posts to get down to who you think I am.

That's an important distinction. And you can read more about my thoughts on that here, if you really want to. Just scroll down to "Borges."

I am gratified that I have a core of regular readers who apparently enjoy this stuff. And I'm amused and gratified that others I don't know pop in and take the time to page through some of it.

That the son wants to be one of my regular readers (and wants to invite his friends!) is rather less gratifying, and while I snarked at him last night, "Why do you want to read this?", the spouse made the wise observation, "It gives him a different window to see you through."

Which is really what I'm saying here.

So enjoy the view. It won't always be pretty, but I'll try to keep it interesting.

Go listen to some good music: "Who Are You" from the album Who Are You by The Who.