21 June 2007


...a new day will begin...

Tonight after dinner, and a second round of kill-the-flea (how a strictly indoor cat can acquire fleas is beyond me), I slipped out the door with my water bottle. The sky had deepened to that gorgeous velvet blue--twilight.

Twilight is probably my favorite time of day. Sunsets are beautiful, frequently spectacular, as is the dawn (which, all too often, I've seen from the backend of sunset), but there is something about those brief moments between the disappearance of the sun and the onset of night that is heartbreakingly beautiful. It is the death of the day, and the promise of tomorrow.

Tonight, the waxing moon is a mere sliver in the sky, the smile of the Cheshire Cat. Venus sat below, glittering.

Happy first day of summer.

Go listen to some good music: "Twilight" from the album Tripped Into Divine by Dexter Freebish.