15 June 2007

School's out

The kinder are officially out of school for the summer although their brains checked out two weeks ago.

As one mom said to me as I was leaving the school this morning, "Now it's the moms' turn to start marking the calendar with red X's."

And she isn't kidding! I did something I haven't done in years and didn't sign them up for any camp at all, which after a few hours with them, I am regretting mightily. (We don't do summer school. They work so hard during the school year that I don't see the point of more school. I voluntarily went to summer school in high school to get out of some fairly dreary classes, and I've done just fine, thank you so very much.)

I know they'll settle down a bit by Monday, but the daughter is already badgering me to take her places. I don't wanna take her places! The son already has his face stuck to the TV, Xbox controller in hand. Dude, you will be seeing limits!

Rules start Monday. Cooking class starts Monday. *sigh*

As to seriously more important things, I am still reeling from the mid-week flight to the southeastern US for a concert. I finished with the 8th grade luncheon over at school (how I end up running this stuff...), packed, and was on a plane at the crack of dawn the next morning, and was back the following morning for the final day of school. I am really reeling from the concert, which passed in such a blur that I'm only still assimilating what happened. But was it fabulous! D. and I were in fine form, and we had a blast.

Whatever else you do this summer, go to a rock concert and reconnect with the joy of loud music on a sultry summer night!

Go listen to some good music: "School's Out" from the album The Best of Alice Cooper: Mascara & Monsters by Alice Cooper.