01 June 2007

The Creator has a mastertape

...I stared into the void too late...

I discovered this morning that OotK has become Google-able. The irony of last night's entry is not lost on me.

So, now that you can find me, let's take care of some business.

If you've wandered in here unbeknownst to me, welcome. If you're wondering why I'm doing this, the truth is that I have absolutely no idea, though the May 31 entry may shed some light on it for both of us. I do not have a theme (that would be for my friend R. who always wants to know my theme. According to her, even my Christmas needs a theme, and "Christmas" is not good enough. You know what, R.? I owe you. Wait until I bring up your Lenten Christmas tree.)

Why "Out of the Kitchen?" 'Cause that's where I am. I designed my kitchen with my office space included. I can braise roasts, edit scientific papers, and help with homework simultaneously. And incidentally, that's not a theme.

"Endlessly rocking?" Love music. Love music. Love, love, love music. There is nearly always music playing in this house, or heaven help us, someone is singing. Using song titles for the entries totally amuses me. Using obscure song titles for the entries amuses me even more. Sometimes, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

Who am I? I am the disembodied voice on TV gameshows, the narrator of nightmares, the voice that comforts the lost child...ok, never mind. Really, I am nobody. I just like to write for the sake of hearing myself write. So let's be clear about this: these opinions are mine and mine alone, and they are generally just that. Opinions. Mine. You are welcome to be amused by them, bored by them, or ignore them completely. If I annoy you, sorry. It's nothing personal. If I complain that your clothing line looks like bedsheets, it's directed at your clothes, not you. And don't you want to know that I'm not going to buy your bedsheets so you can design something I like? After all, I have the voting dollar, so you might be the celeb designer, but I'm the one with the money, and by capitalist standards, that puts me a little higher on the food chain.

I'm not writing this because I need anyone to validate my opinions. I'm quite capable of issuing myself all the validation I need. If I give you something to think about, great. I like it when people think. Truly, an increasingly lost art (and back to the bedsheets...if you don't need me to validate your designs and other people are cool with wearing bedsheets, well, my opinion still stands and I still won't buy them, but good for you, and we'll agree to disagree).

One more really important thing: I take the world around me very seriously. I take others' safety and well-being really seriously. I don't take myself seriously. I love a good soapbox, but even I find myself irritatingly self-righteous sometimes. There it is.

Go listen to some good music: "The Creator has a Mastertape" from the album In Absentia by Porcupine Tree.