19 May 2007

Lunatic fringe

Early evening, and the son is laboring over a computer game, as is the spouse. The daughter is off playing with a friend, and I am working on a blog for later...or perhaps more acurately, a diatribe.

I hear noise from beyond the kitchen window, and look out to see a group of my neighbors at the house across the way. They are teepee-ing the trees. "Look!" I call to the spouse. "They are teepee-ing B's house!"

The owners are clearly away, but two men, a woman and three children are throwing rolls of paper all over everything with gleeful abandon. The owners' four-year-old daughter is dancing and crying out, "We are decorating! We are decorating! Isn't it great?"

I run to the powder room and grab a roll of toilet paper.

Go listen to some good music: "Lunatic Fringe" from the album As Far As Siam by Red Rider.