22 May 2007

Die Walküre/How soon is now?

A school trip:

The state capitol:

"Oh, look at that...animal up there. Uh, mountain lion? How cute."

"Mommy?" she asked, completely perplexed. "What are you talking about? It's a bear."

"Right. California."

The final quiz on the bus to the airport:

"What is the California state product?"

I whisper to my (adult) seatmate: "The silicone breast implant."

The drive home:

"What was the best part, Mom?" asked the son.

"Coming home."

Go listen to some good music: Die Walküre by Richard Wagner (b. May 22) and "How Soon is Now?" from the album Meat is Murder by The Smiths (lead singer Morrissey b. May 22).