07 August 2006

Welcome to a brand new day

...or to my nightmare, really.

I am an incredibly private person, and for the most part, the concept of blogging is utterly anathema to me. I suppose that this is somewhat odd, given that I am also a writer (non-fiction only, thanks! Fiction would let you into my head and we simply can't have that. Not, probably, that you'd actually want to visit there, but we'll save that discussion for another day).

So, then, why a blog? Because I've just made an enormous change in my life, and enormous changes must be acknowledged in similarly enormous ways. And anyway, I'm also enormously fickle and very easily bored, so I'll figure out the whole blogging thing, get bored, and start mass-producing scones or something. The kitchen part isn't figurative, by any means.

There are always scones.